In order to trace the history of our companies one must first return to a time before their existence; to a time not long after the Great Depression, to the small New England town of Mansfield, CT, along the banks of the Willimantic River. With dreams of one day building his own homestead, an industrious boy is there tending his traps. With wages earned working as a janitor, at the age of sixteen, he bought eighteen acres in Coventry, CT., there he built his first home. That young man was Roger Barrett.

Although his school career was short, Roger had an insatiable hunger for learning and exemplified the term “self-taught.” Eventually his focus toward architecture, building, business management, and economics would equip him to build a business, with the help of his wife, son, and daughter, that now ships their products nationwide, and abroad, and employs a third generation of his own family.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re forging our way into the future with an effort to better clarify the family of brands our team has provided now for three generations. In doing so, we are excited to expand our capabilities by establishing a family of brands under the Country Carpenters name. Early New England Homes by Country Carpenters, and Post & Beam Barns by Country Carpenters now operate under the same family company, with the same values, vision, and philosophy that has satisfied customers for over 50 years. We plan to continue exceeding our clients’ expectations by creating quality handcrafted barns, outbuildings and homes for the next 50 years.