Whether your interest is in a small shed or a large barn, each of our base models includes a number of our standard windows. Post and Beam Barns by Country Carpenters also offers a wide variety of handcrafted windows to suit your needs. Multi-pane barn sash in numerous size configurations, traditional transom windows, elegant bow-top windows and even screened double-hung windows – we have just the window to complete your ultimate barn design.

Each of our handmade windows starts with the finest select grade lumber. Our craftsmen fashion the stiles (vertical parts), rails (horizontal parts) and mullions (parts dividing glass panes) utilizing a variety of tools including planers and shapers. For maximum strength and durability, the pieces are glued together with traditional mortise & tenon joints and wooden pegs. The glass is then hand cut according to the pattern style for each lite and each pane is set into a caulk bed for maximum weathertight integrity. Our team then glazes each glass pane by hand to ensure a smooth and elegant finish.

Finally, windows are inspected for quality and functionality, and then packed for shipping.
Our handcrafted windows emulate those of early New England, and more than any other accessory add to the timeless beauty and charm of our traditional style barns, sheds and carriage houses.