Our cupolas are decorative only. They are not intended to be cut into the roof.

 Handcrafting cupolas for our early New England style barns is a meticulous process with a most rewarding end result. They are built in three sections – the base, the midsection, and the roof – to maximize efficiency during the manufacturing, shipping, and installation processes.

First, our woodshop team starts with the base, which is the foundation of the cupola and is scaled in proportion to the overall size of the building on which it sits. Next, the midsection is constructed. Clients may opt for a windowed, louvered, or double louvered option for the midsection of their cupola. Finally, they choose the material and style of the roof, which can be either wood or copper. Wood roofs are made of four flat triangular panels that form a pyramid shape and are later shingled to match the barn, while copper roof panels are concave and require no finish.

To enhance the charm and character of our cupolas and to match our traditional styling, decorative details are added to each cupola, such as arches, fluted edges, fluted posts and dovecotes.

Like our barns, our cupolas are made with the same care and precision and with the highest quality materials – our team is proud to handcraft them in this manner.