Post & Beam Building Kits in Litchfield County CT

Transform Your property with Our Post & Beam Kits in Litchfield County CT

Explore our variety of building kits, from roomy two story barns to functional garden sheds, designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a saltbox, one story, or specialty barn, you’ll find a diverse selection to suit your requirements. Serving Litchfield County, CT, our newest additions feature the clerestory barn, which offers generous space for an RV or boat, and the country pavilion, an ideal standalone shelter for poolside, backyard, or park use. Browse our extensive range to discover the perfect fit for your project.

Saltbox Barns & Carriage Houses in Litchfield County CT

Our one and two-story saltbox designs draw inspiration from the classic barns and carriage houses of early New England. Nowadays, these versatile buildings serve various purposes such as workshops, art studios, garages, home offices, barns, and more.


One Story Barn Kits in Litchfield County CT

Our one-story barn building kits offer the ideal midsize solution for those seeking a classic barn style. These models provide an impressive yet understated look that is both cost-effective and stylish.

Two Story Barn Kits in Litchfield County CT

Our two-story country barn kits are the pinnacle of our model offerings. With their robust construction, they inspire endless possibilities, while the mortise and tenon main tie beam connections add a touch of authenticity and charm to each structure.


Specialty Barn Kits in Litchfield County CT

Our specialty barn series offers a range of uniquely designed barns suited for various purposes. From the traditional gambrel style to our latest RV-sized model, this series is crafted to meet your specific requirements.

Small Buildings & Pool House Kits in Litchfield County CT

Our small buildings and pool house kits, though modest in size, are just as impressive and expertly crafted as our full-sized models. With the same robust post and beam construction and spacious interiors, our sheds, country cabins, and pavilions are designed to meet all your needs.


Post & Beam Building Accessories in Litchfield County CT

Tailor your barn or shed kit to your unique style with our handmade windows and doors, cupolas, stairs, and flower boxes. Featuring hand-forged pintle hinges and hardware, our customization options ensure that no two buildings are alike.


Start Your Project with Our Handcrafted Kits

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