Mortise and Tenon

The Making of Our Signature Mortise & Tenon Two Story Barn

Although the same high-quality materials, Yankee ingenuity and experienced handcraftsmanship have gone into every structure we have built since 1974, one building in particular has evolved through the years to become our most popular and versatile structure of all – the Two Story Country Barn.

We started developing this building decades ago using elements inherited from some of the great barn builders of the 18th and 19th Century.

One of these standout elements is our handcrafted mortise and tenon main tie beam connections. This structurally strong and aesthetically beautiful construction detail is featured in all of our Two Story Barns, including the Two Story Saltbox.

Our expert craftsmen have perfected this art which requires precise measuring and tight cutting, providing you with a hand-crafted building that is more than a statement piece — it’s a part of history.